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A light, barely-there bra made with our breathable FLOAT fabric. Great for low to medium-impact activities like yoga, weight training .

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Featuring a lightweight combination of soft nylon and spandex, they provide an ideal layer of breathable comfort throughout the day. From running errands to spending a lazy day at home, these leggings ensure you stay in your athleisure style.

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Our Advantage

Fabric plays a vital role whenever we design or manufacture clothes. Choosing a proper material is as essential as finding the right size and color.

Trusted Brand-LYCRA

LYCRA® (Lycra®) fiber has become a world-renowned brand of spandex fiber and is increasingly becoming the industry standard. Lightweight and virtually invisible, LYCRA® (Lycra®) fibers are an active ingredient in garments that revolutionize the way people wear them. Whenever LYCRA® (Lycra®) fibers are used in fabrics, they improve the fit and durability of garments, allowing them to move with them for long-lasting fit, shape retention and comfort. Whether you're washing repeatedly, running and jumping, or soaking in the pool, LYCRA® fibers keep clothing functional for long periods of time.

Easy Warm Yarm

1. 100% natural materials, skin-friendly, no harm to the human body

2. Natural color, reduce fuel consumption and dyeing energy consumption

3. Environmental protection and energy saving, no additional chemical substances are added

4. Quick-drying and comfortable, with deodorizing effect

5. Natural super heat storage capacity, effectively warming up and keeping warm

N6U™ Functions and Features

1.Bionic Nylon
2.Environmental protection
3.Binds to proteins on the skin surface
Supplement human collagen amino acids
Conserve skin moisture
4.Effective removal of ammonia and acetic acid

Decompose and deodorize
Non-adjuvant type deodorant

  • It's great to send samples!
    The revised sample sent the second time is amazing. The pants have a certain sense of compression, and the fabric seems to be stronger than last time. A whole collection could be considered, so we'll see.

  • Repurchase Frequency
    Iyoga is Emma's store that has been repurchased the most times, which is very in line with my aesthetic view of yoga clothes. There is a healthy and sexy style of big square, and the texture version is also online.
    - Emma.

  • Beautiful!
    Colorful yoga clothes are not only comfortable, but also can outline the exquisite and good figure, showing the elegant temperament, so that you inadvertently in nature to look back to become a most beautiful scenery line.
    - Li Jia.

  • New Triwire
    My second fave pant behind the
    kl1's.Still rocking my first gens as
    only wear then casually or to jog
    in.Fabric seems it may be
    stronger than last ones too but
    thev're new so we'll see. Reshaped
    better from the first gens too.
    - Vince S.

  • They fit so well!
    I have another pair similar but thev
    don't fit nearly as well. Really love
    how these hug my legs.Not
    uncomfortably tight in the waist
    and luse the drawstring to keep
    the tight.Super comfortable!
    - Sarah V

  • Perfect!
    The KL1s are the perfect workout
    pants.Have multiple pairs of the
    KL1s and KL2s and the KL1s are
    still may favorite for training
    sessions.They're fitted more than
    the KL2s and lighter in the best
    way possible!
    - Mark H.